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A Clermont Park resident tries her hand at improv

How Improv Helps With Dementia


On March 11, Clermont Park unveiled an innovative workshop being taught by a professional actress: Improv!

Improv has been around since the 16th century and has mostly been used in theater. However, studies have found that it has been beneficial to many aspects of our lives from job interviews, to overcoming shyness, and most recently, supporting those living with dementia. Improv helps you jump into their journey – to walk in their shoes. Improv stimulates the mind by encouraging imagination, thinking on the spot, and helping to spark memories. Additionally, improv helps manage anxiety, cope with uncertainty, and boost creative thinking.

In our workshops, team-members and residents from all neighborhoods unite to “play together” helping to learn from each other, accept each other’s realities, and go with the flow. Our community wants to be a part of an empowering tool. Improv brings us together in a variety of ways... you never know, you may be finding flowers in space!