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Bridges Across My Life


Meindert Bosch is a Clermont Park resident and was influential in the founding of Christian Living Communities. We were excited to hear of the publishing of a new book telling of his experiences in World War II. We're proud to call him our neighbor!

This article was written by Leanne Bartz, Granddaughter of Meindert.

Relying on memories that extend back 70 years or more, Meindert Bosch reflects on his Army experiences of World War II in this autobiography, Bridges Across My Life. Over half of his memoir features detailed descriptions of transportation, battalion responsibilities, comrades and visiting family in the Netherlands during this time. A key feature in this section is an article about 'Nazism versus Democracy' that Meindert wrote over 60 years ago, soon after his military experience.

Along with his military experience, Meindert reflects on his childhood and upbringing under a Dutch immigrant and a mother with poor health conditions. Meindert pays a special tribute to his aunt, 'Auntie' who helps raise him and his two sisters after his Mother's passing at a young age. Meindert reminisces about his love of the outdoors, mountains and trains all developing at a young age.

The final section of the book deals with the author’s love for Colorado’s “fourteeners,” his schooling after the war and his long connection with Bethesda Hospital. Meindert's previous book, Bridge Across the Years focuses on his time at Bethesda as CEO. He concludes with a variety of family-oriented “anecdotes” including a moving account of his wife Evelyn’s death written by his daughter-in-law.

Throughout his whole autobiography, Meindert's faith and patriotism shine through. A book that was started over 5 years ago proves to capture not only Meindert's life but his character as well.