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Tiana Huck and a resident of Clermont Park enjoying the global-focused Clermont College kickoff party

Around The World in Eighty Minutes


It is a rare occasion to experience the rich cultures of different countries, whether that is visiting in person or conversing with someone who is very familiar with their family's country of origin. Clermont Park had a wonderful opportunity to create a cultural experience that sparked a lot of curiosity. Around The World was also the launch of our new Clermont College of Creative Learning focus.

Masterpiece Living focuses on social, intellectual, physical and spiritual development – and our physical focus, “World of Wellness,” is focusing on countries around the world and their traditions this season.

Our kick-off event was a   picture of teamwork. Our residents joined forces with team members to display their ethnicities and how they honor those in their own special ways. From India to Italy, there was so much to enjoy and taste. Team member Rebecca Miller made the most delicious spoon cookies for Finland, and Trish Krob and George let everyone sample some French wine.

Classes this fall range from Embracing our Roots: The History of Clermont Park to Coffee Brewing and Tasting. If you'd like to learn more about Clermont College and the other interesting things that are part of life at Clermont Park, give us a shout.