Pandemic in a Senior Living Community from a Resident’s Perspective

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Posted: November 6, 2020

A Resident’s Perspective of The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been life-changing for every person, no matter where we live, our age or our stage of life.  While these changes may look different for everyone, listen to one resident’s perspective on life in a senior living community during a pandemic.  Verna Cavey, a long-time Clermont Park resident, loves to write and has used this medium as an outlet during the “COVID era”.  She examines culture and culture change in elder communities, and the Coronavirus Pandemic has provided a wealth of material.  Verna’s most recent articles are inspiring and encouraging not only for the older adults for whom they were written, but also for those of us who look to our elders for wisdom and enlightenment.

In her own words

“A nuthatch crawls down the branch of a large tree outside my window. I move to my laptop to report in to my neighbors. Somehow, spontaneously, residents in independent living have created an online birdwatching group. A neighbor on the eastside of the building reports that the duck couple has returned as they do every spring and we look forward to ducklings again. On the westside, flickers send out alarms, disturbed by Canadian geese who have arrived in a nearby yard. Locked in, we watch and share the nature outside our windows.”

Read the rest of Verna’s blog here

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