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Posted: June 16, 2020

During this time of quarantine, many of us are making efforts to develop new and healthy habits in our day-to-day lives. While some search for ways to regain their youth, many of us are realizing that it is never too late—or early—to focus on better lifestyle choices that promote successful aging.

Though we can’t stop the aging clock, there are things we can do to age successfully. A ten-year study funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (in collaboration with the famous Mayo Clinic) discovered that 70% of physical aging and about 50% of mental aging has to do with lifestyle choices—not genetics. The Masterpiece Living philosophy embraces the belief that by offering older adults opportunities to grow socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually, they will experience a more successful aging journey.

As a certified Masterpiece Living Center for Successful Aging, Clermont Park is able to maximize the potential of older adults through rigorous, data-supported best practices that benefit the whole community—both residents and team members. These best practices are implemented to provide what is needed for successful aging: a physically active and mentally stimulating lifestyle, meaningful and engaged relationships, a purpose-filled life and a supportive environment.

“Over the last six weeks, Clermont Park’s Masterpiece Living Coordinator, Marisa Pinner, has been walking through a program called Vertical 360,” explained Andrew Sharp, Director of Community Life. “This is a fall prevention class that helps residents identify and eliminate fall risks, come to terms with fall-associated fear, and engage in exercises to strengthen key muscle groups and improve balance.” MPL also offers a yearly lifestyle review to give residents an inventory of their current state of successful aging. With this tool, they are able to track their progress year over year by identifying areas of strength and growth.

By combining the Masterpiece Living philosophy with individual life goals and interests, residents can find the sense of purpose and belonging they need to thrive and grow while remaining as independent as possible. From Clermont’s innovative College of Community Life to the Mile High Fitness Center and dining areas designed for optimal social interaction, there are many opportunities for each resident to attain their ideal lifestyle.

From a spiritual perspective, Chaplain Mike Van Eps explains the Masterpiece Living philosophy this way, “We provide opportunities for each resident to live a balanced life by engaging ‘with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.’ We celebrate growing closer to one another (heart), we offer opportunities for both individuals and the community to grow closer to God (soul), opportunities through the College of Community Life enlightens and challenges us intellectually (mind) and fitness and good food promotes bodily health (strength).”

Aging can be a time of growth if physical and mental skills are maintained, disease and injury risks are reduced, and life engagement continues. Clermont Park’s partnership with Masterpiece Living helps residents get the most out of life through a wide array of activities and amenities. For more information about the Clermont Park successful aging lifestyle, contact us here.

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